A list of the puzzles and their solutions for this year.


  1. Status Quo: 'Railroad (LP-Dog Of Two Head)' (Pye)
  2. Budgie: 'Hot As A Docker's Armpit (LP-Squawk)' (MCA)
  3. Ted Nugent: 'Cat Scratch Fever (LP-Cat Scratch Fever)' (Epic)
Connection: Pets (Dog, Budgie, Cat)


  1. Hawkwind: 'Brainstorm (LP-Doremi Fasol Latido)' (United Artists)
  2. Heart: 'If Looks Could Kill (LP-Heart)' (Capitol)
  3. unknown instrumental
Connection: unknown but likely to have been parts of the body (brain, heart)
  1. ZZ Top: 'Thunderbird (LP-Fandango!)' (London)
  2. Rush: 'Cinderella Man (LP-Rush Through Time)' (Mercury)
  3. Kings X: 'Goldilox (LP-Out Of The Silent Planet)' (Atlantic)
Connection: Folk tales (Thunderbird, Cinderella, Goldilocks)


  1. Van Halen: 'Happy Trails (LP-Diver Down)' (Warner Bros.)
  2. Whitesnake: 'Sailing Ships (LP-Slip Of The Tongue)' (EMI)
  3. Badlands(2): 'Rumblin' Train (LP-Badlands)' (Atlantic)
Connection: Transport vehicles (van, ships, train)
  1. Rush: 'Manhattan Project (LP-Power Windows)' (Mercury)
  2. Diamond Head: 'Canterbury (LP-Canterbury)' (MCA)
  3. Queensrÿche: 'London (LP-Rage For Order)' (EMI)
Connection: towns/cities
  1. Twisted Sister: 'You Want What We Got (LP-Come Out And Play)' (Atlantic)
  2. Iron Maiden: 'Prodigal Son (LP-Killers)' (EMI)
  3. Alice Cooper: 'DaDa (LP-DaDa)' (Warner Bros.)
Connection: family (sister, son, dada (father))


  1. Wishbone Ash: 'Throw Down The Sword (LP-Live Dates)' (MCA)
  2. Excalibur: 'Carole Ann (LP-One Strange Night)' (Active)
  3. Iron Maiden: 'Flash Of The Blade (LP-Powerslave)' (EMI)
Connection: Swords (Sword, Excalibur, Blade)


  1. Giant: 'I'm A Believer (LP-Last Of The Runaways)' (A&M)
  2. Black Crowes 'Jealous Again (LP-Shake Your Money Maker)' (Def American)
  3. Savatage 'Of Rage And War (LP-Gutter Ballet)' (Atlantic)
Connection: The three bands, Giant, Black Crowes, Savatage, all contained two brothers
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