This strand began in 1985 following the temporary demise of the Friday Night Connection and ended in 1988. It had the same music (Van Der Graaf Generator's Theme One), had a reward if your selection was chosen (a £12 record token, rising to £15 in 1987, and a FRS patch), but ditched the competition element of the earlier strand in favour of a playlist selected by a listener. The compiler's name is in brackets, if known.

Chronological list of playlists setEdit


  1. Rush: 'The Spirit Of Radio (LP-Permanent Waves)' (Mercury)
  2. Jefferson Starship: 'Jane (LP-Freedom At Point Zero)' (RCA)
  3. Deep Purple: 'Knocking At Your Back Door (LP-Perfect Strangers)' (Polydor)
  1. AC/DC: 'Ride On' (LP-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) (Atlantic)
  2. Gillan: 'Fighting Man' (LP-Mr Universe) (Acrobat)
  3. Hawkwind: 'Hurry On Sundown' (LP-Hawkwind) (Liberty)
  1. Gary Moore: 'Empty Rooms (LP-Victims Of The Future)' (10)
  2. Stomu Yamashta / Steve Winwood / Michael Shrieve: 'Crossing The Line (LP-Go)' (Island)
  3. Sammy Hagar: 'Young Girl Blues (LP-Nine On A Ten Scale)' (Capitol)
  1. Alice Cooper: 'No More Mr. Nice Guy (LP-Billion Dollar Babies)' (Warner Bros.)
  2. UFO: 'Too Hot To Handle (LP-Lights Out)' (Chrysalis)
  3. Raven: 'Run Silent Run Deep (LP-All For One)' (Neat)
  4. Def Leppard: 'Rocks Off (LP-On Through The Night)' (Vertigo)
  1. Motörhead: 'Poison (LP-Bomber)' (Bronze)
  2. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 'Freebird (LP-(Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd))' MCA
  3. Snowy White: 'At The Crossroads (LP-White Flames)' (Towerbell)
  4. Thin Lizzy: 'Got To Give It Up (LP-Black Rose (A Rock Legend))' (Vertigo)
  1. Ozzy Osbourne: 'Forever (LP-Bark At The Moon)' (Epic)
  2. Ted Nugent: 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (2xLP-Double Live Gonzo)' (Epic)
  3. Motorhead: 'Iron Horse (LP-No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith)' (Bronze)
  4. Iron Maiden: 'Transylvania (LP-Iron Maiden)' (EMI)
  1. Molly Hatchet: Fall Of The Peacemakers
  2. Judas Priest: Electric Eye
  3. Demon: Don't Break The Circle
  1. Siouxsie & Banshees: 'Israel' (LP-Once Upon A Time) (Polydor)
  2. Metallica: 'Fade To Black' (LP-Ride The Lightning) (Music For Nations)
  3. Peter Gabriel: 'Family Snapshot' (LP-Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)) (Charisma)
  4. U2: 'Tomorrow' (LP-October) (Island)
  1. Steve Miller Band: 'Going To The Country (LP-Number 5)' (Capitol)
  2. Flying Burrito Bros: 'Hot Burrito #2 (LP-Last Of The Red Hot Burritos)' (A&M)
  3. Little Feat: 'Cold Cold Cold / Tripe Face Boogie (LP-Feats Don't Fail Me Now)' (Warner Bros)
  1. Scorpions: 'Holiday (LP-Lovedrive)' (Harvest)
  2. UFO: 'Terri (LP-Mechanix)' (Chrysalis)
  3. Thin Lizzy: 'Still In Love With You (2xLP-Live And Dangerous)' (Vertigo)
  1. Groundhogs: Cherry Red (LP - Split) Liberty
  2. Montrose: Rock The Nation (LP - Montrose) Warner Brothers
  3. Curved Air: Hide And Seek (LP - Air Conditioning) Warner Brothers 
  4. Family: The Weaver's Answer (LP - Family Entertainment) Reprise
  1. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Little Miss Lover
  2. Cream: Strange Brew
  3. Steve Hillage: Light In The Sky
  4. Genesis: Get 'em Out By Friday
  5. Stranglers: Hanging Around
  1. Paul Kossoff: 'Molten Gold (2xLP-Koss)' (DJM)
  2. Led Zeppelin: 'Your Time Is Gonna Come (LP-Led Zeppelin)' (Atlantic)
  3. Whitesnake: 'Here I Go Again (LP-Saints & Sinners)' (Liberty)
  4. Hughes/Thrall: 'First Step Of Love (LP-Hughes/Thrall)' (Epic)
  1. Y&T: Rescue Me
  2. Def Leppard: Too Late For Love
  3. IQ: The Wake
  4. Rainbow: Gates Of Babylon
  1. Iron Maiden: 'Rainbow's Gold (B-side, 7", 12"-2 Minutes To Midnight)' (EMI)
  2. Scorpions: 'Polar Nights (2xLP-Tokyo Tapes)' (RCA)
  3. Whitesnake: 'Gambler (LP-Slide It In) (Liberty)
  4. Thin Lizzy: 'The Sun Goes Down (LP-Thunder And Lightning)' (Vertigo)
  1. Kiss: Dance All Over Your Face
  2. AC/DC: Cold Hearted Man
  3. Gary Moore: The Law Of The Jungle
  4. Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker


  1. Journey: 'Lights / Stay Awhile (2xLP-Captured)' (CBS)
  2. Demon: 'Nowhere To Run (LP-The Plague)' (Clay)
  3. Budgie: 'Time To Remember (LP-Power Supply)' (Active)
  4. Accept: 'Winterdreams (LP-Balls To the Wall)' (RCA)
  1. Aerosmith: 'Dream On (LP-Aerosmith)' (CBS)
  2. Aldo Nova: 'Hold Back The Night (LP-Subject.....Aldo Nova)' (Portrait)
  3. Legs Diamond: 'Walk Away (LP-Out On Bail)' (Music For Nations)
  4. Autograph: 'Deep End (LP-Sign In Please)' (RCA)
  1. Hawkwind: 'Jack Of Shadows (LP-P.X.R.5)' (Charisma)
  2. Metallica: 'Fade To Black (LP-Ride The Lightning)' (Music For Nations)
  3. ZZ Top: 'Blue Jean Blues (LP-Fandango!)' (London)
  4. Gillan: 'No Laughing In Heaven (LP-Future Shock)' (Virgin)
  1. Iron Maiden: 'Iron Maiden (LP-Iron Maiden)' (EMI)
  2. Ozzy Osbourne: 'So Tired (7")' (Epic)
  3. Boston: 'Rock & Roll Band (LP-Boston)' (Epic)
  4. Venom: 'Black Metal (LP-Black Metal)' (Neat)
  1. Vow Wow: You Know What I Mean
  2. Marillion: Script for a Jester's Tear
  3. Whitesnake: Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City (live)
  4. Far Corporation: - Stairway to Heaven
  1. Gary Moore & Phil Lynott: Out in the Fields
  2. Van Halen: Panama
  3. Dire Straits: Money for Nothing
  4. Queen: Machines (or Back to Humans)
  1. Accept: Fast As A Shark
  2. AC/DC: Shake Your Foundations
  3. Dire Straits: Expresso Love
  1. Kiss: 'Heaven's On Fire (LP-Animalize)' (Vertigo)
  2. AC/DC: 'Stand Up (CD-Fly On The Wall)' (Atlantic)
  3. Twisted Sister: 'You Want What We Got (7")' (Atlantic)
  4. Dio: 'Sacred Heart (LP-Sacred Heart)' (Vertigo)
  1. Pendragon: 'The Black Knight (LP-The Jewel)' (Elusive)
  2. Journey: 'Don't Stop Believin' (LP-Escape)' (CBS)
  3. Led Zeppelin: 'Kashmir (2xLP-Physical Graffiti)' (Swan Song)
  1. Whitesnake: Child of Babylon
  2. Status Quo: Lonely Man
  3. W.A.S.P.: Wild Child
  4. Deep Purple: Knocking at Your Back Door
  1. FM: Love Lies Dying
  2. Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love
  3. King Crimson: The Court of the Crimson King
  4. Hawkwind: Master of the Universe (live)
  5. Genesis: Land of Confusion
  1. ?
  2. Whitesnake: Child of Babylon
  3. Status Quo: Lonely Man
  4. W.A.S.P.: Wild Child
  1. Accept: 'Restless & Wild (LP-Restless & Wild)' (Heavy Metal Worldwide)
  2. Motörhead: 'Killed By Death (Full Length Version) (12")' (Bronze)
  3. Iron Maiden: 'Flash Of The Blade (LP-Powerslave)' (EMI)
  4. Vow Wow: 'Hurricane (CD-Cyclone)' (Eastworld)
  1. Metallica: 'Master Of Puppets (LP-Master Of Puppets)' (Music For Nations)
  2. Saxon: 'Crusader (LP-Crusader)' (Carrere)
  3. Iron Maiden: 'The Trooper (LP-Piece Of Mind)' (EMI)
  1. Rainbow: All Night Long (LP - All Night Long) Polydor
  2. Queensryche: Queen Of The Reich (EP - Queensryche) EMI
  3. Quiet Riot: Metal Health (LP - Metal Health) Epic
  4. Kiss: I Love It Loud (LP - Creatures Of The Night) Casablanca
  1. ZZ Top: Gimme All Your Lovin'
  2. Y&T: Open Fire
  3. David Lee Roth: Yankee Rose
  4. AC/DC: She's Got Balls
  5. Dio: Live Medley
  1. AC/DC: 'Touch Too Much (LP-Highway To Hell)' (Atlantic)
  2. Jimi Hendrix: 'Little Wing (2xLP-The Jimi Hendrix Concerts)' (Polydor)
  3. Eagles: 'The Last Resort (LP-Hotel California)' (Asylum)
  4. Fleetwood Mac: 'I'm So Afraid (2xLP-Fleetwood Mac Live)' (Warner Bros.)
  1. Metallica: 'Disposable Heroes (LP-Master Of Puppets)' (Elektra)
  2. W.A.S.P.: 'Jack Action (LP-The Last Command)' (Capitol)
  3. Iron Maiden: 'Heaven Can Wait (LP-Somewhere In Time)' (EMI)
  1. Magnum: 'The Spirit (LP-Chase The Dragon)' (Jet)
  2. W.A.S.P.: 'Wild Child (Special Remix Edit) (7")' (Capitol)
  3. Saxon: 'Waiting For The Night (LP-Rock The Nations)' (EMI)


  1. Rainbow: 'Man On The Silver Mountain (LP-Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow)' (Polydor)
  2. Judas Priest: 'Exciter (LP-Unleashed In The East - Live In Japan)' (CBS)
  3. Black Sabbath: 'N.I.B. (2xLP-Live Evil)' (Vertigo/Phonogram)
  1. Europe: 'On The Loose (LP-The Final Countdown)' (Epic)
  2. Gary Moore: 'Parisienne Walkways (LP-Back On The Streets)' (MCA)
  3. Kiss: 'Cold Gin (LP-Kiss)' (Casablanca)
  4. Metallica: 'Whiplash (LP-Kill 'Em All)' (Music For Nations)
  1. Robert Plant: 'Big Log (LP-The Principle Of Moments)' (Atlantic)
  2. Scorpions: 'No One Like You (LP-Blackout)' (Harvest)
  3. Yes: 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart (LP-90125)' (Atlantic)
  4. Jeff Beck: 'Ambitious (LP-Flash)' (Epic)
  1. Hawkwind: 'The Joker At The Gate (LP-Church Of Hawkwind)' (RCA)
  2. Peter Gabriel: 'Down The Dolce Vita (LP-Peter Gabriel)' (Virgin)
  3. Manowar: 'Metal Daze (LP-Battle Hymns)' (Liberty)
  4. Rush: 'La Villa Strangiato (2xLP-Exit...Stage Left)' (Mercury)
  1. Van Halen: 'Unchained (LP-Fair Warning)' (Warner Bros.)
  2. Hanoi Rocks: 'Underwater World (LP-Two Steps From The Move)' (CBS)
  3. Queen: 'Seven Seas Of Rhye (LP-Queen II)' (EMI)
  4. REO Speedwagon: 'Take It On The Run (LP-Best Foot Forward)' (Epic)
  1. Led Zeppelin: 'Trampled Underfoot (2xLP-Physical Graffiti)' (Swan Song)
  2. Alan Parsons Project: '(The System Of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether (LP-Tales Of Mystery And Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe)' (Charisma)
  3. Hawkwind: 'Kerb Crawler (LP-Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music)' (Charisma)
  4. Tubes: 'Don't Touch Me There (2xLP-What Do You Want From Live)' (A&M)
  5. Alice Cooper: 'Generation Landslide (LP-Billion Dollar Babies)' (Warner Bros.)
  1. Scorpions: 'Rock You Like a Hurricane (2xLP-World Wide Live)' (Harvest)
  2. Metallica: 'Leper Messiah (CD-Master Of Puppets)' (Music For Nations) [1]
  3. Metal Church: 'Watch The Children Pray (LP-The Dark)' (Elektra)
  4. Iron Maiden: 'Heaven Can Wait (CD-Somewhere In Time)' (EMI)
  1. Metallica: Orion (LP - Master Of Puppets) Music For Nations
  2. Agent Steel: Never Surrender (LP - Unstoppable Force) Combat
  3. Iron Maiden: Wasted Years (LP - Somewhere In Time) EMI
  • 01 May 1987 (Nigel Lavender, Ramsey St. Mary's, Cambridgeshire)
  1. Foreigner: 'Feels Like The First Time (LP-Foreigner)' (Atlantic)
  2. Deep Purple: 'This Time Around/Owed To 'G' (instrumental) (LP-Come Taste The Band)' (Purple)
  3. Accept: 'Princess Of The Dawn (LP-Restless & Wild)' (Heavy Metal Worldwide)
  4. Diamond Head: 'To The Devil His Due (LP-Canterbury)' (MCA)
  1. Demon: Don't Break The Circle (LP - The Unexpected Guest) Carrere
  2. Y&T: Anytime At All (LP - Down For The Count) A&M Records
  3. Queensryche: Take Hold Of The Flame (LP - The Warning) EMI
  4. Judas Priest: The Sentinel (LP - Defenders Of The Faith) CBS
  1. Thin Lizzy: 'The Boys Are Back In Town (LP-Jailbreak)' (Vertigo)
  2. Kiss: 'All American Man (2xLP-Alive II)' (Casablanca)
  3. Iron Maiden: '2 Minutes To Midnight (LP-Powerslave)' (EMI)
  4. Status Quo: 'Whatever You Want (LP-Whatever You Want)' (Vertigo)
  1. Megadeth: 'My Last Words (LP-Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?)' (Capitol)
  2. Cult: 'Rain (LP-Love)' (Beggars Banquet)
  3. Gary Moore: 'Out In The Fields (LP-Run For Cover)' (10)
  4. Warlock: 'Vorwärts, All Right! (LP-True As Steel)' (Vertigo)
  5. Steppenwolf: 'Born To Be Wild (LP-Steppenwolf)' (Stateside)
  1. Judas Priest: 'Turbo Lover (LP-Turbo)' (CBS)
  2. Krokus: 'Long Stick Goes Boom (LP-Alive And Screamin')' (Arista)
  3. Ozzy Osbourne: 'Paranoid (2xLP-Randy Rhoads Tribute)' (Epic)
  4. Anthrax: 'Caught In A Mosh (LP-Among The Living)' (Island/Megaforce Worldwide)
  1. Exciter: 'Feel The Knife (12")' (Music For Nations)
  2. Alice Cooper: 'Billion Dollar Babies (LP-Billion Dollar Babies)' (Warner Bros.)
  3. ?
  4. ?
  1. Styx: 'Babe (LP-Cornerstone)' (A&M)
  2. Kiss: 'C'Mon And Love Me (2xLP-Double Platinum)' (Casablanca)
  3. Magnum: 'Sacred Hour (LP-Chase The Dragon)' (Jet)
  4. Queensrÿche: 'Take Hold Of The Flame (LP-The Warning)' (EMI America)
  1. Hanoi Rocks: 'Million Miles Away (LP-Two Steps From The Move)' (CBS)
  2. Black Sabbath: 'Heart Like A Wheel (LP-Seventh Star)' (Vertigo)
  3. Megadeth: 'Boots (LP-Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!)' (Music For Nations)
  4. Manowar: 'Mountains (LP-Sign Of The Hammer)' (10)
  1. Accept: 'Burning (LP-Breaker)' (Passport)
  2. Crimson Glory: 'Azrael (LP-Crimson Glory)' (Roadrunner)
  3. Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force: 'Soldier Without Faith (LP-Marching Out)' (Polydor)
  4. Led Zeppelin: 'Black Dog (LP-Untitled)' (Atlantic)
  1. Kiss: 'Calling Dr. Love (LP-Rock And Roll Over)' (Casablanca)
  2. UFO: 'Doctor Doctor (LP-Phenomenon)' (Chrysalis)
  3. Mötley Crüe: 'Jailhouse Rock (live) (LP-Girls Girls Girls)' (Elektra)
  4. Poison: 'Look What The Cat Dragged In (LP-Look What The Cat Dragged In)' (Music For Nations)
  5. Cinderella: 'Shake Me (12"-The Live E.P.)' (Vertigo/Phonogram) [2]
  1. White Sister: 'Promises (LP-White Sister)' (Heavy Metal America)
  2. Metallica: 'For Whom The Bell Tolls (CD-Ride The Lightning)' (Music For Nations)
  3. Whitesnake: 'Love Ain't No Stranger (LP-Slide It In)' (Liberty)
  4. Bon Jovi: 'Shot Through The Heart (CD-Bon Jovi)' (Jambco)
  1. Overkill: 'Deny The Cross (LP-Taking Over)' (Noise International)
  2. Blackfoot: 'Diary Of A Workingman (LP-Marauder)' (ATCO)
  3. Led Zeppelin: 'Stairway To Heaven (CD-Untitled)' (Atlantic)
  1. Pink Floyd: 'One Of These Days (LP-Meddle)' (Harvest)
    DSC 0005

    Neil's letter from FRS

  2. Aerosmith: 'Rag Doll (CD-Permanent Vacation)' (Geffen)
  3. Slayer: 'Postmortem (LP-Reign In Blood)' (Def Jam)
  4. AC/DC: 'Down Payment Blues (LP-Powerage)' (Atlantic)
  1. Black Sabbath: 'Planet Caravan (LP-Paranoid)' (Vertigo)
  2. Judas Priest: 'Screaming For Vengeance (LP-Screaming For Vengeance)' (CBS)
  3. Venom: 'Warhead (7")' (Neat)
  4. Blue Öyster Cult: 'Astronomy (LP-Secret Treaties)' (CBS)


  1. Rush: 'Losing It (LP-Signals)' (Mercury)
  2. Marseille: 'Lady Of The Night (LP-Marseille)' (Mountain)
  3. Led Zeppelin: 'The Immigrant Song (LP-Led Zeppelin III)' (Atlantic)
  4. Sweet: 'Sweet F.A. (LP-Sweet Fanny Adams)' (RCA Victor)
  1. Jethro Tull: 'Hunting Girl (LP-Songs From The Wood)' (Chrysalis)
  2. Hawkwind: 'Rock Your Paths (2xLP-Live Chronicles)' (GWR)
  3. Rush: 'Limelight (LP-Moving Pictures)' (Mercury)
  4. Yes: 'Parallels (LP-Going For The One)' (Atlantic)
  1. Lone Star: 'The Bells Of Berlin (LP-Firing On All Six)' (CBS)
  2. Blackfoot: 'Dry County (LP-Marauder)' (ATCO)
  3. Alice Cooper: 'The Black Widow (LP-Welcome To My Nightmare)' (Anchor)
  4. AC/DC: 'Sin City (LP-Powerage)' (Atlantic)
  1. Scorpions: 'The Zoo (2xLP-World Wide Live)' (Harvest)
  2. David Lee Roth: 'Perfect Timing (LP-Skyscraper)' (Warner Bros.)
  3. Tony MacAlpine: 'Autumn Lords (LP-Maximum Security)' (Vertigo/Squawk)
  4. Ratt: 'Dance (LP-Dancing Undercover)' (Atlantic)
  1. Rainbow: 'Spotlight Kid (LP-Difficult To Cure)' (Polydor)
  2. Crimson Glory: 'Azrael (LP-Crimson Glory)' (Roadrunner)
  3. Black Sabbath: 'The Sign Of The Southern Cross (LP-Mob Rules)' (Vertigo)
  1. Vinnie Vincent Invasion: 'Boyz Are Gonna Rock (LP-Vinnie Vincent Invasion)' (Chrysalis)
  2. Alice Cooper: 'He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (LP-Constrictor)' (MCA)
  3. Megadeth: 'Devil's Island (CD-Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?)' (Capitol)
  4. Twisted Sister: 'We're Gonna Make It (LP-You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll)' (Atlantic)
  1. Magnum: 'Kingdom Of Madness (LP-Kingdom Of Madness)' (Jet)
  2. Status Quo: 'Big Fat Mama (LP-Piledriver)' (Vertigo)
  3. Budgie: 'Napoleon Bona Parts One & Two (LP-Bandolier)' (MCA)
  1. Traffic: 'Stranger To Himself (CD-John Barleycorn Must Die)' (Island)
  2. Metallica: 'Last Caress / Green Hell (12"-The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-Revisited)' (Vertigo)
  3. Camel: 'Captured (CD-Pressure Points)' (London)
  4. Fairport Convention: 'Come All Ye (CD-Liege & Lief)' (Island)
  1. Keel: 'Because The Night (LP-The Final Frontier)' (Vertigo)
  2. Ratt: 'You're In Love (LP-Invasion Of Your Privacy)' (Atlantic)
  3. Judas Priest: 'You've Got Another Thing Comin' (2xLP-Priest...Live!)' (CBS)
  4. Fastway: 'Trick Or Treat (LP-Trick Or Treat (Original Music Score))' (CBS)
  1. Album title erroneously announced by TV as Music For Puppets.
  2. The track chosen was Galaxy Blues, but TV declines to play it for unstated reasons.
  3. Marty had a Polish surname that Tommy didn't attempt to pronounce.
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