This page lists all Friday Rock Show dates between 1978 and 1993. The aim is to bring together the information presented on this site in one place and to allow easy access to those wishing to locate a particular show. There is no attempt to indicate availability of recordings: visit the individual year pages for this information. The sessions are assumed to be the first TX: they are bracketed if the session is a repeat. Note that the show featured repeats of sessions recorded for John Peel until October 1979 (exceptions are noted after the relevant artists). Please add any missing information.

Dates in chronological orderEdit



From this point on, sessions recorded for FRS unless otherwise stated





FRS now 9-12 (first hour on FM in London and the South-East, elsewhere medium wave only)


FRS loses one hour, now 10-12 again





Show moves to 10.30-12.30


Show reverts to 10-12




Show moves back an hour, 9-11


  • 01/01 (Boethius Saul), Rush live at Wembley Arena [16]
  • 08/01
  • 15/01
  • 22/01 All Time Heavy Metal/Rock tracks (#42 to #24) (#23 to #01 broadcast on Alan Freeman's show next day)
  • 29/01
  • 05/02
  • 12/02
  • 19/02
  • 26/02
  • 05/03
  • 12/03
  • 19/03 Agent Orange
  • 26/03 (World)
  • 02/04 (Little Angels #2). Final FRS for TV, co-presented by Clare Sturgess: last record played is AC/DC, 'Rock 'N' Roll Damnation'
  1. According to the Radio Times, the Tara Zara repeat was originally scheduled for this show.
  2. Waters recorded no sessions for FRS: this is probably a repeat of 29/11/85.
  3. Billed as 'Paul Samson's Empire.'
  4. The Radio Times claims Persian Risk was the session TX.
  5. According to Ken Garner's In Session Tonight (BBC Books, 1993, p. 280). The Radio Times claims that a repeat of Huw Lloyd Langton was TX.
  6. Garner lists no FRS sessions for Motörhead.
  7. "Warlock in session" (Radio Times) No sessions for this band listed in Garner.
  8. Radio Times lists Skagarak (sic) in session.
  9. According to the Radio Times [1], Idol Rich's debut was scheduled.
  10. This replaced their recorded performance from Donington, vetoed by Blackie Lawless due to what he considered a poor performance.
  11. Garner claims a second Vow Wow session debut (undoubtedly mistaken for the live set).
  12. Originally to have been played the previous week, but TV forgot to do so due to long interview.
  13. The planned Iron Maiden live set was postponed to the following week due to technical problems.
  14. Billed as Killer Dogs due to band's name change in the interim.
  15. Ken Garner's In Session Tonight (p. 294) claims the Skyclad session was broadcast the previous week, but an available recording confirms this date.
  16. "A festive extravaganza featuring one of the best rock concerts of the year." (Radio Times)
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